(Registered charity no. 508449)


The Trust will run a small grants scheme in 2023.

If you are involved in a group which includes providing services exclusively or in part for the young, elderly or people with disabilities and you operate in the areas of Welshpool, Trewern, Guilsfield or Castle Caereinion this scheme might appeal to you. Grants are limited to a maximum of £500 and an award will take the form of a single payment. Please note awards cannot be made to individuals or for-profit organisations.

Funds are limited and priority will be given to groups who have not previously received an award from the Trust.

Full details of the scheme and an application form may be obtained by writing to The Burgesses’ Land Trust, The Cockpit, New Street, Welshpool, SY21 7SF; or by emailing Telephone enquiries should be addressed to Dr A.P. Harvey at 01938 559087. Please indicate if you are happy to receive the forms, &c. electronically or require a hard copy. In the latter case do please provide a postal address.

The closing date for applications will be December 31, 2023.