Last updated: 18th April 2018 at 22.34

Welshpool Town Council

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The Youth Council is a representative body, devised of approx. 30 Welshpool High School Students.

The Youth Council discuss local issues and voice their opinions on different topics, these views are then reported back to Welshpool Town Council at the relevant Town Council meeting.

Often Speakers are invited to give a talk at the meeting, recent talks include:
Welshpool Medical Practice, Welshpool Hospital and Russell George AM.

The next meeting date will be posted here soon.

The minutes of past meetings are listed here:

2017-October - Presentation to whole school on the Hospital Referendum with vote.

2017-September - Presentation to whole school on the town Plan with survey.

2017-June Meeting notes - Q&A with Russell George AM:

2017-March Minutes - Youth Council

2016-December Minutes - Youth Council