Last updated: 6th January 2020 at 10.45

Welshpool Town Council


The Town Council operates the street scene services which include:

     a) Street and pavement cleaning within the 30mph limits of the town.

     b) Litter bins provision and emptying within the 30mph limit of the town.

     c) Fly tipping and graffiti removal.

     d) General repairs and signage around the Town.

     e) Open spaces, verges and hedges.

The Town Council planned work is set out below:

     a) The main street is cleaned daily and litter bins emptied at least once a day.

     b) The litter bins in other areas are emptied once a week.

     c) Each area of the town is visited for a week in a month as per the plan here:

     d) The Belan and Pool Quay areas are visited for a week every three months.

     e) The verges, hedges and open spaces are monitored and grass cutting/weeds cut as needed.

If you feel there is an area in need of attention please call 01938 553142 between 8.30am and 3pm weekdays and we will action it.

Each area is covered in rotation in accordance with the attached plan here: Street Scene Area Roster

The businesses that support the Welshpool Litter Campaign by keeping their little area clean are listed here: Business Supporters