Last updated: 20th May 2019 at 23.03

Welshpool Town Council


A meeting has been held between Welshpool Town Council and Powys County Council regarding the relocation of the Library to the Powysland Museum.  It was a very pleasant and meaningful meeting with full discussion around alternatives.

There were a number of options which involved the Town Council and these have been evaluated at length.

The main issue for the Town Council is the cost of alterative solutions which would see a fairly large increase in the Town Council Tax which would in essence be double taxation.

The Town Council, whilst not happy with the library moving from its current location, does have to consider the cost to the Welshpool taxpayer bearing in mind the outcry regarding the 2019 increases and ability to pay.

The County Council has confirmed that they are committed to providing both the Library and Museum services in Welshpool at the Powysland Museum location.

The Town Council has decided not to intervene but to take note of the taxpayer's views and not increase the Council Tax any more than is absolutely necessary.

Town Clerk

April 2019