Last updated: 18th June 2019 at 07.56

Welshpool Town Council


The North Montgomeryshire Local Council Forum is open to Councils who are shown in the blue area on the map posted here.

The Forum has a remit to provide a forum for local councils to discuss common issues and act together when needed for a common cause.
To provide support for each other and share experiences and expertise to the benefit of all.

The current officers are Cllr F Buckingham (Chair) and Robert Robinson (Secretariat).

Contact details: Tel 01938 553142 or email

The  next meeting is to be held on Tuesday 16th July 2019 at Welshpool Town Hall at 7pm.

The agenda for the next meeting will be posted here.


The minutes of the most recent meetings are posted below:

2017-Local Forum Minutes - January 2017

2017-Local Forum Minutes - March 2017

2017-Local Forum Minutes - June 2017

2017-Local Forum Minutes - September 2017

2017-Local Forum Minutes - November 2017

2018 - Local Forum Minutes - January 2018

2018 - Local Council Forum - March 2018

2018 - Local Council Forum - May 2018

2018 - Local Council Forum - September 2018

2018 - Local Council Forum - November 2018

Panel report on future of local councils

2019 - Local Council Forum - January 2019

2019 - Local Council Forum - April 2019