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Street Scene Contract

Welshpool Town Council terminated the Street Scene Contract on the 30th June 2020. This means from the 1st July that Powys CC revert to emptying the bins in the car parks, main street and central areas of the town, fly tipping, are responsible for grass cutting verges and some open spaces and weeding in verges and highways within the Welshpool 30mph limit.

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Facilities provided by Welshpool Town Council

'The Town Council with the largest budget and responsibilities in Powys providing more services at best value.'

Town Hall, Welshpool Day Centre, Welshpool Tourist Information Centre, Indoor and Outdoor Markets, Public Toilets, Recreation Centre (partnership), Recreation Grounds, Playgrounds, Street Scene (Litter Bins, Street Cleaning, Weeds, Fly Tipping, Graffiti and Verges), CCTV system, Country Park, Meals On Wheels, Allotments, War Memorial, Memorial Gardens, Skateboard Park, Flower Beds, Motte & Bailey Castle, Station Car Parks, Scansis All Weather Pitch, Signs & Maps, Tourism Booklets and Map, Trusts, Town Council Offices, Archives, Donations, Web Sites (Council and Tourism),  Open Spaces and the administration of the Shrewsbury Aberystwyth Rail Liaison Committee along with the North and Mid Wales Association of Local Councils.

Events organised by Welshpool Town Council include; Welshpool Transport Festival (new for 2018), Flicks in the Sticks, Remembrance events, parades, Dragon and Easter Egg Hunts, National Cycle Events, Supporting Plains Rally, Christmas Lights, Winter Festival along with others.